FRTONT EDGE – Innovation & Leadership Conference powered by Rzeczpospolita

Cracow, April 16-17, 2018

Culture of innovation directly influences business effectiveness that is the fundamental purpose of the functioning of an organisation. Building the culture of innovation is not possible without leadership of growth – modern approach to management based on building strong, creative, independent and self-organising teams. In modern innovative organisations, a leader is not appointed but becomes one in situations that require leadership.

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During the conference, we will meet experts and practitioners from organisations which consciously implement and develop culture of innovation. We will share knowledge regarding innovation and leadership, good practices, case studies and finally, our falls and failures from which we learn the most.

Power Speech: Piotr Prokopowicz, PhD (Freenovation)

Keynote Speech: Jurgen Appelo (author of “Management3.0”)

Expert Speech: Paweł Brodziński (Lunar Logic)

The conference is about and for companies which build their competitive advantage based on innovation.

  • Not only do innovative companies have innovative products, but they are also characterised by friendly working environment based on respect and trust.
  • They create a workplace attracting the most talented persons and give them autonomy to creative activity.
  • We will discuss such organisations, their model of management, values which guide them and tools which are used in their everyday activities.
  • We invited leaders of innovative organisations to share their knowledge and experience.
  • We will think about factors influencing their innovativeness and what tools and processes shall be implemented in order to be innovative and achieve business success.

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