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We build organizational innovation cultures that foster autonomy, creativity and growth.



Smart, creative, self-reliant, socially sensitive and diverse workforce


Cultural norms of candor, freedom, openness, and failure acceptance


Development, feedback and reward systems incentivising creativity


Autonomous decision making based on growth-oriented leader-leader relations

How To Reach Freenovation?

We Build Organizational Innovation Cultures – This Is How We Do It

Start the Journey

You need to think carefully whether you’re actually ready for this ardous ride and get a buy-in from the team for success.

Assemble the Team

What kind of people work for you? Are they smart? Open to experience? Diverse? Creative? Can you get more?

Provide Safety and Freedom

Rebuild the teams and systems to allow for candid discussions, idea generation and freedom in decision making. Accept failure.

Foster Growth Leadership

Believe in your teams to make them great, set high standards for innovation and equip them with skills that will make your leadership unnecessary.

Accept Serendipity

Foster the environment that builds creative self-efficacy, provides support for innovation and enables freedom and autonomy.

Our Manifesto

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.Steve Jobs

Teams > Egos

Implementing new ideas is almost always a group effort, not a solo endeavor. Innovation is about collaboration, not self-interest.

Freedom > Regulations

To innovate, you need to manage creative conflicts well and make people comfortable with failure. Innovation is about safety, not risk.

Autonomy > Hierarchy

When people are free and encouraged to go against the grain, creativity flourishes. Innovation is challenging, not accepting the status quo.

Mindsets > Traits

Cognitive ability, personality and creativity are important, but not as important as creative self-efficacy. Innovation is a choice, not a trait.

Measure & Understand

Our Diagnosis – Two methods, single goal


Our custom-made set of questionnaires, filled out by leaders and employees of an organization, constitutes the core of our diagnostic process.


The questionnaires allows us to map the four key organizational innovation culture areas along with both subjective and objective outcomes of innovation.


The tool enables us to measure the organizational innovation culture on a set of dimension, which allows us to customize the intervention to the organizational needs.


Our standardized interview process focuses on asking teams and people key questions about the organizational systems, values and practices.


Using the antropological methods of participant observation and shadowing we can get a deeper insight into the iorganization.


It all helps us to understand the organizational culture of innovation and triangulate the results with a more quantitative approach.

What Do We Have To Share?

News, Updates and Fortune Cookie Wisdom from Freenovation

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Meet Our Team

People who long to help you.
Piotr Prokopowicz

Piotr Prokopowicz


  • Research & Tool Development 90%
  • Public Speaking 85%
  • Coffee Geekdom 75%
Justyna Pawlak - Mihułka

Justyna Pawlak - Mihułka


  • Talent & Leadership Development 80%
  • PR & Media Relations 75%
  • Agile Evangelist 90%
Seweryn Rudnicki

Seweryn Rudnicki


  • Learning & Development 95%
  • Design Thinking 70%
  • Innovation Culture Analysis 85%

Our Partners

Patrons and organizations we cooperate with

Freenovation Experts

Łukasz Cieśla

Łukasz Cieśla

CEO at Open Innovation House

Marta Pawlak - Dobrzańska

Marta Pawlak - Dobrzańska

CEO at Great Digital

Remigiusz Dudek

Remigiusz Dudek

Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Luxoft

Piotr Nabielec

Piotr Nabielec

Chief Productivity Officer at


What Would You Like To Know?

Ask us anything.
How do you understand innovation?
It’s actually quite easy. Innovation is creativity + implementation. It means that every time you come up with something relatively new, valuable, and you’re ready to make it happen, you’re innovating! Have you innovated today?
Who is it for?
We help companies and institutions that build their competitive advantage on innovation and would like to build a culture that fosters autnomy, creativity and growth. If you’re in IT, new technology or your company has an R&D department, it’s a no-brainer, but it’s also possible that you see the potential of new ideas in other industries as well, and, guess what, we’re right here for you.
What's in it for me?
Research shows that companies which focus on developing innovation cultures end up with a more engaged workforce, higher performance and increased rate of employee creativity output. All it takes is leveraging what you already have.
Where do we start?
We usually start the process with a free diagnosis of a current state of an innovation culture at an organization. Then, usually, a short presentation workshop takes place, during which we engage the organization about the value of creativity and innovation, both in private lives and business, and we present the diagnostic report. After that, we seek a buy-in from the company and establish a vision for a project to build a new culture of innovation.
What do I do now?
If you’re interested in what we have to offer, drop us a line (the contact form is on the right), or call us to arrange a meeting. We’d be glad to tell you more about the idea of Freenovation.

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